Church Ceremony

Remember who were there, what it looked like, what was said? See it all here.

The wedding ceremony was held in the beautiful Saint-Servais Church

280px-Église_saint-Servais_-_Schaerbeek_-_(1)_-_2264-0055-012 July 2012: The weather was very challenging all day (rain storm, heavy wind, dark clouds) but we took that as a great sign from the sky of an eventful marriage.

Father Jean-Claude Devier helped us through all the preparation and a lot of people showed up. Grace was baptised at the same occasion.




About the wedding ceremony


  • Priest: Father Jean-Claude Devier
  • Bride: Marie-Louise
  • Groom: Niels
  • Bride’s maid: Harriet Bah
  • Groom’s best man: Lars Bramsen
  • Grace’ God mother: Ellen Bakurin
  • Grace’ God father: Simon Bramsen
  • Prayers: Jennifer Rosenberg and Sebastian Bramsen
  • Legal wedding: We were also married in the commune in Brussels. See video here.

Want to ready everything that was said, done and played during the church ceremony? Click the PDF below.